Rex Rex
Rex Trainee from London

I started my Smart Repair Business based around London & Hertfordshire. Quickly I felt the demand for good PDR technicians as people are calling up smart repair more and more to save their insurance premium.

I came across Pure Dent Removal and Rob was highly recommended by a number of leading companies who provide smart repair training. I booked a full week training with Rob and after the first thirty minutes I knew that my money was well spent. Rob’s approach to training with his huge practical experience made the whole course extremely beneficial to me. I was taught beyond my expectations and I was also provided the opportunity to work on live vehicles under his supervision during the training. I found the training very helpful and even now after the training he is always on the other side of the phone to provide technical support.

I was introduced to PDR tools hand picked by Rob which I have found to be extremely suitable for day to day dents removal. He packed a tool set for me which contained basic standard and advanced tools and the combination is just a miracle. He does know his trade and tools.

I have marketed my smart repair business extensively and demand has forced me to introduce another three vans to the existing one. I have already recruited driver technicians and they are booked to under go PDR training at Pure Dent Removal next week. I have also placed order for another three identical PDR KIT from Pure Dent Removal as I am very satisfied with the quality of the products and the excellent price.

Thanks to Rob and Pure Dent Removal for making the trade a walk in the park for me. I recommend Pure Dent Removal to anyone and everyone.

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